Established in 2015, the HIVE provides one of the best volleyball learning environments in the Montcalm area.

The spread of COVID-19 has been an unprecedented challenge for all of us. A significant impact has been felt by our communities, families, businesses, and sporting groups.  We wish everyone affected by the COVID-19 virus a swift recovery.  During this time the HIVE organization is working on securing practice locations and looking forward to re-opening in November 2021.  

HIVE will reopen in Winter 2021

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Meet the Coaches

The HIVE practice facilities are centrally located in the Montcalm County area.  All HIVE practices include both individual and team training, fitness conditioning, and various unique learning drills.

High Intensity Volleyball Energy

Play every game like it's your last!

The HIVE coaches have a passion for coaching volleyball. The HIVE coaches are motivated to inspire players to play at their top potential.  




Montcalm County's Premier AAU Volleyball Club